New You Tube Video – Children are Little Time Travelers

This si the description of the video I put on you tube.:

Every adult was once a child. Each adult is a product of the people who raised them. Whether that raising made you a go getter, or made you lazy; our parents helped define who we are and who we have become. Therefore, whenever you are around children-mentor them so that they will create an amazing future. “Children are little time travelers from the future.” What they learn now, they will use to create the future of our world. Be nice and respectful to the children!

This mere fact has always amazed me. One day I was reading the paper and I read that a group of people voted against the government paying for a park in their neighborhood. I then thought about the world that I live in is like it is because of the what the adults created from thoughts and momeories that they created and were taught as children. Right now, I could have a world that has no cigarette smoke hurting my lungs, medical for all people in my country so that I could go to a doctor about my broken ribs and lung diseases, and there would be no people hungry, and all energy was free and created by solar and wind energy  – this is the world I could live in. These were all real bills that were proposed to Congress and the Senate when I was very very young.

I wish I could go back in time and tell them that these are needed so much more than other things are. These would change how my life looks for the better.

No..we can’t do that yet. But, look in the eyes of the children. What type of world would they like to have?  Ask them what kind of world they would like their world to be. You will get a very sobering answer filled with hope, prosperity, a lack of violence, and the ability to live a normal healthy life. So when we do things and we vote, lets keep their world in mind.

How would our world look if the adults when you were a kid voted like this?



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