Spider Web – Collecting positivity and adding it to your life video on You Tube


This is the description I put on Youtube for this video:

Spider Web! Spider Web! Spider Web! The videos before have given you information,and they haven’t let you see the true energy of a normal Chad Herman presentation. I was once told that the audience members could feel me before they understood the words. This video talks about and explain how to create a spider web all around you to collect and use all of the positivity that is around you all the time.

The idea of like attracts like has always amazed me. I was a sickly, introverted, scared, child and preteen…except when I was in my own little world I’d live in all created in my head. The only people and things that came to me were depressed and sad ways of pointing our my insecurities and anger at the world that didn’t like me. One day I was in physics class and this concept was taught to me. It was life changing…like attracts like.

Wow! Act the way you want to be. Create the emotions of happiness more than the emotions of negativity, and then you will suddenly BE happy. Promise! Then your perspective will change, and you will see more happy things. Happy things and happy people will now flock to you..the happy person. This is exactly what has happened to me.

My spider web is up and collecting positivity..is yours?




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