10 For 10 Summer Challenge

10 FOR 10 Summer Challenge

10 FOR 10 Summer Challenge

10 for 10 summer challenge

Starts June 10!


What would the 10 FOR 10 Summer challenge actually look like?

Here’s an example of what it could look like:



Monday – agreed to donate $1 to Spca at Petsmart. (take a pic and post on blog in comment)
Tuesday – donated a bunch of clothes and things to a domestic violence shelter. (Tell the story as a comment on the blog)
Wednesday – Mowed the lawn, and decided to mow my neighbors as well. (Describe in a comment on the blog)
Thursday – Brought in both my neighbor’s trash cans. (Snap quick pic, describe on blog in comments)
Friday – Served soup for 1 hr at a downtown mission before going out with my friends in the same area. (Take a picture, comment on Blog)
Saturday – Did bills, and donated $20 to Save the Florida Panthers. (Screen print and post to comments on blog)
Sunday – Tossed my change in the bin at the McDonals to help the Ronald McDonald House. (TAke a pic and post comment on blog)

Monday: Play rice/spelling gamefor 2 hours. (Write down you final rice number on blog and explain)

Tuesday: Speak at your childs school or after school program about helping out. (Write about it and post on comment on blog)

Wednesday: Get a bunch of Free Recyle booklets and heand them out to the neighbors. (Take a quick pic and post on comments)


It’s really that easy. Look at the Daily Dose of Motivations for more ideas!!!

10 FOR 10 Summer Challenge

Starts in 2 days…June 10



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