Chad Herman’s new book..on sale now!!!

Chad's book - NOW Creating the Future.

Chad’s book – NOW Creating the Future.


Chad Herman’s new book of poetry: NOW Creating the Future is out!

The actual description of the book is:

Chad R. Herman has done it again. Carrying on the idea that we can all change the world, Now Creating the Future inspires and motivates people to change the world in a positive way. By creating positive change, this book could help a lot of people. See how it can inspire and motivate you!


The book: NOW Creating the Future, is a book of inspirational poetry on multiple levels.  Like all poetry, the words are merely the starting point. Once you get into the words themselves, they take on a whole new meaning. Look into the meanings, the poetic tools that not only create a decent piece of poetry, but also give the reader a new and inspiring look at the world in general. Each poem in this edition is suppose to amaze, fascinate, excite, and most importantly inspire and motivate you to do something to change the world. Even if it’s only to be more aware of the world in general, the struggles thata re going on, and how we can change ourselves – this awareness creates positive change.

NOW Creating the Future…the title is an idea that I keep toying around with. It’s this diea that everything we do NOW creates and new and amazing future. All we have to do is do something NOW.

So clink on this link, and download or buy this awesome volume of poetry.





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