So many ways to help the enviroment


Sorry about the flash.

How do you help the environment its such a big problem?

There’s really nothing I can do about the environment.

There’s no way that humans can affect the earth kama so early this has been around for billions of years.

The three statements or statement I’ve heard many many many times. They have been uttered by every walk of life that I’ve spoken in front of. Every time I write a blog or talk about climate change, I’m confronted with these three statements. This post is the show you the reader what everyone, including you, can do to help thee planet.

First, The science from hundreds upon hundreds of scientists prove that the last statement is wrong.

The other two statements is truly what this post is all about.

Notice the picture.

This is Auntie Anne’s (a pretzel shop) way of helping the environment. Every one of their napkin dispensers reminds people to help the environment.  Each time people ask for napkins, the employees remind them to read the dispensers.

Subway restaurants decided to go to making all of their napkins out of recycled materials. Completely!  After that, they asked each of their patrons to use the least amount of napkins possible….another way of helping the environment.

I drove through a neighborhood, and there were 4 garbage cans at the curb with sings on them: Plastic, Aluminum, newspaper, glass, and misc paper.  I walked up to the house and asked what they were for.  The older man that was home smiled and said it was his wife’s idea. Turns out, that there was a sign that had blown away that explained everything. After helping the man track down his sign on the other block, it all became clear. “Please recylce your stuff. Here, I’ve provided cans for you to do so. Don’t litter!” – was what the sign said. So the young lady actually set up a recycling center right in her front yard. The gentleman said that people drive by and clean out their cars intot he respective cans. I smiled, thanked him, thanked his wife, and went back out to my car to clean it out.

Colin Beaven decided to create his life to be carbon free…actually see if he could completely erase his carbon imprint…and then he begin blogging about it. The No Impact man was born!   Out of his efforts, and entire nonprofit organization was created called the No Impact Project.

This was merely one man trying as hard as he could to help the earth by eliminating his carbon imprint. Couldn’t we all do this. Slowly eliminate the amount of plastics, gas, etc that we use on a daily basis. Eliminate our trash little by little. Think about it…every package that a piece of food comes in…can be recycled. If you’re not, then there’s an opportunity. Opportunities are everywhere to change our habits, change our ideas, and change te way we live our normal life so that we change the way we are affecting the world. Once we change how we are affecting the world…other people will take notice and begin doing ti as well.

Soon, this idea will become a movement. The more people talk about it, chat about it, blog about it, facebook and tweet about ti, instagram about it…the more we will get the idea out that we all have the ability to help the world every day and every moment.

Have world changing!!!



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