Daily motivation for positive change

Clean up a mess in a store.

If you see a mess (especially if its yours) clean it up, or at least help clean it up.

I know what you’re asking, how is this creating positive change? (Ok, maybe not you but I know someone must have asked that)

1. You should clean up your own mess. Whther you see it this way or not, you are a guest in a store. There is NOBODY who works in a store has a job description that says:cleaning up the mess customers leave.

2. If someone is cleaning up a mess, two people make any job better and you are validating them for.doing the right thing. In the process talk will happen where you will be thanked and its a way of explaining that this is.how we should all be acting-a creation of positive change togetherness. 

In all scenarios, just you doing this (like Jesus washing the begger and the pristitutes feet) you are stooping to do something that has nothing to do with you-a symbol of selflessness that is seen and appreciated. Upon seeing this gesture, people learn. Upon learning, they emulate this idea and gesture. Like the insurance commerical.

This education and action, creates positive change in many!


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