Wake up like this and all is good


When you wake up and this is how you feel, this is what you think… Its going to be a good day. The really cool part about life, is that this is our choice,. This is what our life can be every single moment.

All of the most influential, inspirational, motivational, and most peaceful people in the world make it a daily practice to wake up and list all of the reasons they are thankful. The main reasons for being thankful start with all over body parts working together. Just a mere fact that all of our body parts are working and doing what it’s supposed to is a reason to feel like the picture in the beginning of this post. The Buddha had a saying: health is the greatest gift. So many of us live our daily lives expecting our body to do everything that it is supposed to do. We never realize how lucky we are at our body is doing everything that’s supposed to do, until we lose that ability. Thats when we realize truly how lucky we really are.

Choose to be estaticly happy. Everything that happened is going towards the common good . You are so much more lucky than you will ever ever realize. Work on realizing how lucky you arr, and tou will want to help.others become as lucky as you.

Be thankful and choose to feel WAH HOO about every aspect of your life!


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