Daily Motivation For Positive Change – junk cars

Instead of Junking your car, give it to someone

When I was a kid of about 14-15, there were kids all over the place wanting to do nothing but have a car. These kids would take any car they could get their hands on, just as long as it was theirs. Many of these kids were gearheads, and grew up to work on cars in various ways. They loved tinkering, playing, and rebuilding cars.

What if you could make some kid’s dreams come true?  So you have an old junker…and it’s seem better days. See if some neighbor kid, or a kid someone knows would like it to fix it and see if they could make it run. You’ll have made this kids life. Who knows…your donation might be remembered forever in the mind of a pitt crew member in Daytona.

This idea of giving your stuff away because you don’t need it is the basis of community and neighbors.


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