Hope is always present


The old Greek story of Pandora is just like all of the beginning people stories where man does nothing wrong and the woman is a villain. As much as I don’t like the stories that villifi women, Pandora story is extremely important when you’re trying to go out and change the world. So, in a brief form, here is the story of Pandora’s box:

All of the world’s negativity, violence, hatred, anger, madness, ignorance,racism,sexism,ageism, and every single kind of negative things that could creep into your mind with all put in a box.

The box head carvings all over it, making it look absolutely beautiful. It was told to the first man in the first woman, Pandora, that they should never ever open the box. They both asked what was in the box and the supreme entity would not tell them. It only said that it was a beautiful box and please do not open it.

As is normal in these kind of stories, the first man one on about his business not thinking about the box at all. Pandora looked at the box. She traced the carvings with her fingers. She held it, embraced it, but always put it down and went away. She tried to get the first man to open it, and then she asked him to ponder what was in the box.

One day after thinking about the box quite a bit, Pandora couldn’t take it anymore. He waited for the first man to leave, and she being the first woman, open the box. Inside every negative horrible nasty piece of our world flew out of it. The negativity exploded out of the box at such a speed Pandora didn’t know what was going on. As soon as she could she closed the lid, but upon closing lid found that the box was empty. But then, as she look in there was one thing that hadn’t flown out: Hope!


HOPE is the one thing we always have. This is the one thing we have to overcome all negativity and problems. If we keep.hope, we know there is a sollution and an end to anything horrible that we may either be.going.through or happening! 

Hope is how we create positive change. Hope is why we.keep working to move forward..in hope….that we can.change our world.

I hope there is an end to world hunger so I.keep working towards it.

I hope there’s a.cure for.aids soon (oops..there is)

I hope gender equality is reached in my time, so I will keep trying to make it happen.

Hope is thr.driving force of most.campains.and social action groups. The.hope that if they keep striving towardsan answer, a sollution will arise which solves the problem. The problems are only problems if they are seen that way – hope allows us to see it in the.right.way. Hope is so important that when we give up hope or a.situation becomes hopeless( lacking hope) we give up and stop trying. Hope gives us strength, the power to persevere, and suceed in everything we do.

Today…i wish you hope in everything you do! May your hope and belief in yourself move mountains and change status quos.


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