Daily Dose of Motivation – Kids sports team

Sponsor a kid’s sports team


I know I wasn’t the only kid who had a dirt field in their neighborhood where we all got together with hand-me-down gloves, a stick for a bat, cans and license plates for bases, and whatever baseball we could find to play ball.

Why…The movie The Sandlot is full of this exact story.

I remember hearing about kids that got sponsors and actually had real uniforms. We were always teased for not being good enough or looking good enough. It wouldn’t have taken a lot of money to help us out…in fact years after I grew out of baseball…a few of the kids who are still playing it today, convinced someone to sponsor them. All we really wanted was a bat, some balls, and matching shirts. Total expenditure…$150.

Everyone, even if you have to go in on it with a few businesses or people, can sponsor a kids team. We can come up with some money to keep these kids playing a sport that is not only a national treasure, but a great way to teach morals, ideals, team work, and humanity.


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