Hakuna Matata – No worries!

It means no worries

It means no worries



It means no worries!!

Why worry?

Worrying creates negativity into your world!  Worrying is creating and wondering about a future that has been created yet!

There was once a young lady I knew who worried about everything.  Everything! She worried what might happen in the future. What would happen in the next hour. What would happen with her life. What would happen in school. What would happen at the job, and with her boss. (why the boss…I’m not sure!) Every time I sat down with her, she would complain about the things that “could” happen.  Then she would complain about what might happen.

One particular day, I went over to her house and she had been watching the news all day. This always got her very down…because the news always gives her reasons to worry! She was so upset…she didn’t want to do anything but talk about how bad things were.

Because in her eyes they were.

I picked her up and took her to a homeless mission, and we served food to people. I took her to a domestic violence outreach center, and we helped make copies to teach a class about preventing domestic violence. Then we sutied up and cleaned a mile of road, while people honked and thanked us.

At the end of the day she said: Wow…things are better than I realized, and I have it pretty good.

Is this a real story (by me asking would assume it was not).

YES it is!

We are all so connected to our own version of reality, that we don’t know anything else. We are taught from a very tender age that we must worry about a future that hasn’t been created yet. Thinking in the past or thinking in the future. It is what I call….”their bubble”. We spend so much time in our own little bubble thinking our own things in our own ways, and then we surround ourselves with people who think like us, do like us…to the point that we surround us in a bubble of things we like, enjoy, accept, and agree with. When we step out of this bubble…we see reality!

When we look at what is really going on, we begin to be thankful for the world around us rather than worrying about what might happen!

So Hakuna Matata!


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