10 For 10 Summer Challenge – 4th day(still time to join)

10 For 10 Summer Challenge – Day 4!

So what did you do for these 4 days?

If you haven’t started the challenge…that’s ok…there’s still time to create amazing good!

Chad Herman’s 4th day!

This has been an odd day…and yet a very productive day for the summer challenge.

#1 – I went to CVS and they are taking donations to help the ALS foundation.  I agreed to have $2 taken our of my account of my account. ALS (often called Lou Gherig’s disease. If you’re familiar with the book/movie by Mitch Albom Tuesdays’ With Morie…that’s the disease Maurie had.) is a horrible disease. There is no way to prevent it and suddenly you get it. Once you do, your body slowly entombs you alive until you can’t do normal functions such as breathing, eating, moving blood, etc…and you die. The whole time you are dying, you are completely conscious of it all. Definitely a worth wild charity that needs to be given some love!

#2 – Went to Petsmart, and I donated $2 at the register to help out stray animals and dogs.

#3 – While at Petsmart, I saw the Greyhound rescue people there…and they go out and rescue the greyhounds that have been made to race. These dogs are abused, hurt, and run to the very limits of their bodies. It is said what happens to them. I dug into my pocket, and gave them all the change in my pocket.

#4 – Went to get something to eat. I went to a local eatery owned by one person. Not only did I make sure to go there, instead of a chain…I’m also helping out her family who works there as well. There, I helped tutor her daughter. Gave money to help her fund a local baseball team. Then asked a couple in the restaurant if they needed help with their dishes…they were piling up and the place was very busy.

There’s my deeds for the day. I hope to see yours very soon!!!


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