How a smart person can get sucked into abuse

I reblog this for many reasons:
#1 – this is a very very serious problem in many many relationships. Not only that, mental abuse is extremely insidious and creeps up on you like termites in a wooden how that looks fine.
#2Domesti Violence in all its forms needs to be eradicated…period!!! We must all stand up and speak out against domestic abuse – verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse…it must and has to end! I don’t care the gender – abuse of any kind is wrong!
#3 – We must end the socialization that teaches men that these types of behaviors are ok. Remember – these behaviors are passed on by parents, family, and culture…causing people to believe that this is all ok.
#4 – Nobody…ever has to live this way and it is up to every one of us to make sure it doesn’t happen!

Deliberate Donkey

A common question asked of abuse survivors by people who have not been abused is this: “Why did you let it happen?” or  “Why didn’t you leave sooner?” or they will make statements like, “I thought you were smarter than that!” or “I would never stand for that kind of treatment!” all while looking at you like you’ve just sprouted another head.

Our stories are different, but they have some common themes, one of which I would like to address with my posts here, and that is how an otherwise strong, intelligent person can get sucked into a pattern of abuse and why we stay so much longer than we should.

My story starts with molestation at the hands of my Passive/Aggressive (PA) father. Ironically, my Mom instilled in me the belief that I could do anything I wanted to do if I just put my mind to it and…

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