Ten Ways to Change the world

There are a lot of problems in the world, this goes with out saying.

There are so many people who complain about all the problems in the world. There’s climate change, violence (all kinds – domestic violence, abuse, bullying, gangs, killing, etc), diseases, the senseless killing and abuse of animals, etc, etc. There’s a lot of room for improvement as my old corporate boss would say, so instead of just being complainers of the obvious, why not become someone who is doing something to change the state of things. So at the end, we can say “The world is a better place because I was in it. I left this world better than when I got here, and I did it for those in the wombs and preschools right now.”

But how…how do we go about changing the world? These are 10 things  anyone can do to create positive change in the world:

1. Post stuff on social media about ways to change the world for the positive.

There are so many things to post on a daily basis. Get on the websites that post positive/inspirational quotes…and post them. Go out and search charities and nonprofits that are doing awesome things and post about them. Take pictures of charity stuff and instagram them. The more who see, the more positive change you create.

2. Be happy – it will rub off on others

Happiness always rubs off. The number 1 thing that is said about me when I walk in the room, speak, or just stand there…I’m one of the most positive happy people they have ever met. In every job I’ve had, people have commented on how happy I am all the time. My high school students use to say: Mr. Herman, it’s amazing… you are in a good mood every day.” Every moment you see me…it’s a great day, because there are so many reasons to be happy.

3. Volunteer or work for an organization that is changing the world.

It’s pretty simple: Doing good, is proven to increase how you feel. Helping others increases “happy cells” (brain cells specific to happines and the dopamine receptiors)

4. Be part of the solution

Any problem you see in the world…there is a solution. There is probably someone out there looking for a way to create a solution. When you begin helping to solve the problems of the world – you become part of the solution.

5. Speak out against the wrongs of the world.

I live by a simple motto: Treat other like THEY want you to treat them, as long as there is no violence.” In order to know how people want you to treat them, you must talk to them. Once a line of communication is set up, violence and paid is usually subverted immediately. When you speak out about anything that goes against this motto – you are speaking out against the problems of this world.

6. Create a blog where you are constantly talking about how to correct the problems of the world.

I have created this blog to do just that. With the many blog platforms out there (I’m partial to wordpress), anyone can create a blog. If there is something you’re passionate about…blog about how to correct these problems.

7. Start a petition.

Change.org is full of petitions that have made amazing things happen. Start a petition there, or start one in your own hometown or community. Petitions make things happen and create positive change.

8. Donate money to groups who are working to change the world.

There are so many groups working to create positive change out there. You don’t have to give millions, and you don’t have to give a lot. Many of the organizations are happy with just cents.

9. Donate food to a homeless shelter, and help get more people.

10 Educate…no matter who you are educating you’re getting to some one.

When you begin to create positive change and educate others…you are creating positive change!


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