Daily motivating for positive change – my birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday!!!!

Treat others like it’s their birthday today!!!!!

When I was a kid I loved reading the “Lord of the Rings series”. An interesting thing that the Lord of the Rings” series taught me was how the Hobbits spend their birthdays. They give other people presents on their birthday. When I first read this at 9 years old, I was disgusted. NO! Birthdays are for me!  My mom asked me to try it out…and it was amazing! It became so much fun!


When I was a kid I also use to read the Alice in Wonderland books. Those book were amazing to me as well. One idea that always caught eye was that of the “UNBIRTHDAY”. “We have only 1 birthday, but we have 264 unbirthdays…so every day is a day to celebrate!

Wouldn’t it be cool to treat everyone like it was their birthday everyday. You could get them a card, a small trinket, and balloons…suddenly it’s their unbirthday and there’s a party going on!

In this vein…I am giving away a bunch of things to my friends and neighbors and thrift shops.

Go do something great for someone!



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