Guest Post: One Human Family

Let us remember that love comes in many forms. We must not just be ok with gay people, ok with people of color, ok with people who are dfferent, just ok with people from another country – ok is not enough. We are not from our state, country, or cpntinent

Free Spirit Publishing Blog

By Kelly Huegel, author ofGLBTQ

Huegel_Kelly_FSP AuthorAs summer kicks off, so do Pride observations across the nation and around the world. From weeklong festivals in big cities like New York and London to modest, small-town observances, what was once a civil rights protest is now largely a celebration.

For me, this Pride month is different from others. As a resident of our nation’s capital, the Supreme Court building is a just a Metro ride away. The heartbeat of this city is power, and politics are the blood that courses through its veins. You cannot live here and be ignorant to the impact of what happens behind those walls. As we march into another humid D.C. summer, even the rising flood of tourists is not enough to distract from the momentous decisions that now rest at the feet of the highest court in the land.

This spring, on successive days, the…

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