Feel Better and Move On (Summarised)- Ten Steps to a Happier Life

Feel Better and Move On (Summarised)- Ten Steps to a Happier Life.

This ia great inspirational blog…and she summarizes a way to a happier healthier life, which incidently mimics Time magazines list of how to achieve happiness and a healthy life past 85.

Look a the blog, it’s well worth the read…but here is the list

i) Eat healthily;

ii) Exercise;

iii) Sleep well;

iv) Take part in social activities;

v) Consciously work on your confidence and self-esteem;

vi) Do a job you love;

vii) Express yourself through creativity;

viii) Live a more meaningful life through volunteering and giving back to society;

ix) Develop an attitude of gratitude;

x)  Learn to communicate.


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  1. Thanks Chad for reblogging my post. I worked out this list through my own struggles with depression, but I’m not surprised to hear it is also in Time Magazine, as what works…works. How about my bonus step? (You may have missed it on purpose.)

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