Love and an Aluminum Can

Love and an Aluminum Can.

After you read this amazing blog post…yes it is amazing!  You will then know the amazing journey of the aluminum can. Then I have to take it a step further.

When all of this stuff is mined and the earth is scarred…we could totally be recycling all of this.

If we stopped mining right now, how many cans could we make with just what is out there right now. Think of the drink aisle in the supermarket, and then realize that it is the same in billions of stores…that’s a lot of aluminum and plastic. If we recycled aluminum 100%..we could stop mining for it.  We could do the same for plastic….reuse of plastic, not more need for oil for that industry. No more oil for the drink industry…that would decrease our need for oil by 1/8 but when you talking about billions and billions…well 1/8 is a lot.


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