Change the world with your money



Sit back.


Allow me to tell you a story:   A person came up with an idea for a product. It was catchy. It had infomercials. It had celebrities posting with it, labeling, endorsing it…the whole nine yards (to use a colloquial saying that means to shoot 9 yards(27 feet) of amo at the enemy) Then it was sold at the high end and the low end markets. It was even made in the USA..which brought it even more consumers and fan based. It was a household name and so were the subsequent follow up  lines. They were so popular, a whole store was created around it. It was amazing! The creators and everyone involved sat back and counted their money.

Note: The product was made in the outskirts of Chicago. It was made in wharehouse that was not up to standards at all. They could not pass any of the minimum standards of hygene, labor, or structure. However, the code enforcers new jaguar, new zip code, and new bank account made sure they were never bothered. They churned out the product faster than any product before. However, when you give children red bull and methamphetamines, they work faster – but also die faster. When they grow up they are used as sex slaves, and another batch of children are moved in.

The company who funds this product is also the same company that creates ozone destroying products.

Is this a real story?  Yes, it is told, retold, and done, and redone every second in our world. We can watch this happen with everything from dusters, to vacuums, to cars, and beer.

Recently a shop just like this burned down and killed hundreds. But let’s look at how this is perpetuated:

step 1 –  person is enticed to get product (lived fine without it before).

Step 2 – person buys product.

Step 3 – money is sent to people who own child slaves and sex slaves.

No money – no reason to have the business which means no child slaves.

(BTW – If you don’t use the prostitutes, there will be no need for them)

Just don’t buy the stuff. Investigate where your stuff comes from. If this is the reality, don’t fund the problem.


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