First day of summer


This is the 1st day of summer…wooohooooo!

A long time ago the first days of seasons were monumental. They held feasts and played games (many of which are still around), and simply celebrated the coming of a new time of year.

See the ancients believed, and I have to say I like this idea, at the first of something you are transcending to a new era or a new moment in your life/existence/path. To this day we still hold these tradutions we have just added different meaning to them.  There is a major holiday tied to the beginning of every season: june 21, september 21, december 21, march 21..every ancient civilizatiojs held these days sacred.

– 1st moment of the day-major celebration which created.the modern morning thankfulness ritual that many meditation and yoga practioners use.
– 1st day of week…minor celebration
– 1st day of month….celebrating the new 1/12 of year. Leaving behind the last month.
– Birthday….major celebration celebrating your continued forwad movement in life and on your path.
– anniversary…same idea as the birthdat only in a relationship
– seasons- just as a season brings with it a certain group of qualities. Your life and existence will be guided by these qualities. The beginning of a season is a moment to reflect the lessons anf successes of the previous season and the renewal of being born again into the next season.
-decades/millenium – major mile stones on our path.

Since the beginning of a season known for light, positivity, love, and happiness….let that be your guide for this summer season.

Light-let your light shine into a place where there is only darkness:soup kitchen, homeless places,etc

Positivity-find your positive. Do things that bring out your positivity and show others what theirs can look like.


Love-show people love. Love all! Understand what that means to truly love all people.umconditionaly. im not talking date everyone, do things that you love their soul…so celebrate others uniqueness.



Shine your happiness on all people. Give every person you pass your smile. Give all people you are around a compliment and be sincerely happy about being there with them

Happiness is the answer to the meaning of life.

Have a great summer!


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