Daily Motivating For Positive Change – bully blockers

Print out bully blockers and give them to teachers so that they can teach their students.


“Bully Blockers” are phrases, ideas, and actions a person can use to stop bullies. The more bully blockers a student has (especially “special needs” or “slow learners”) the better they will fair in the world of bullies.

This is a great list of bully blockers from a great book!

Print these up, do your own google search, or buy one of the amazing “bully blocker” books and make copies of those ideas. Any way you go about doing it, hand to every teacher in your child’s school. Ask them to share these with their students. With this one act you create a ripple of positivity that will arch through the whole school.

“But I don’t have any children” – That’s ok. Every school welcomes ideas from any people in the community.


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