NEW..So you want tot change the world video

This morning I stood in front of 30 students. They all say and looked at me with quirky looks at me…they were all middle schools students. These are the kids that have been told “NO” and “Do what I say” so much that they believe it and hate the fact that it exists – but hey, what can they do about it – they’re just kids.

Just kids.

Just a girl.

Just a guy.

Just a bum.

Just one person.


There are more justs than I can name, nor do I want to. This are the limiting beliefs that we have given these students time and time again. As soon as they were potty trained they were told they couldn’t go potty…remember many of these kids have been in school since they were 2. They’ve been asked waht they want to do “when they grow up”, “when they get older”, “when they get out of here/there”, “when they get smarter”,  or “when they understand more”. 

I asked these 12-14 year olds if they saw any problems in the world. They listed off all the big ones: homeless, cancer, stealing, violence, etc.

I asked these 12-14 year olds if they had any solutions to these problems. They listed off multiple solutions for multiple problems….enough in fact, that we could take their ideas and create a nonprofit on it’s own.

Then I asked why they didn’t do something…and they said – because we’re just kids. There’s that limiting belief again.

So I ask (regardless of age, race, creed, ability

Do you want to change the world?

I think the real question is why wouldn’t you want to change the world. Look around and you will see a lot of opportunities for you to help major causes and affect positive change. You are an agent of change…most of all I want you to know it!



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