What Do You Choose?

I choose acceptance. I choose understanding. I choose happiness. I choose the antithesis of bullying…I choose life!

The New B.P

1013929_10151421941871890_1749615641_nIt’s great to hear that the “Anti-Bullying Bills” are pending, but should be put on high priority for debate or the passing, speaking from experience, I would not recommend The Human resources department as they are management and will protect the best interest of the corporation rather then the employee, it’s best and your chances of getting results are greater if you use a out side source. Don’t forget to check out our new Affiliates in the right hand columm and help put an end to Bullying…cheers

Question. I joined a company in Boston in late 2013. The culture is problematic. Our supervisor regularly demeans and ridicules employee mistakes. Instead of dealing with it privately, he reprimands employees in a public manner. He picks on a few of my quieter colleagues, who he knows won’t speak up for themselves. It is horrible to watch. Are there laws against bullying and…

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