Chad’s new book – Traveling Down the Word on sale now!!!


Chad R. Herman's new book of poetry Traveling down the road

Chad R. Herman’s new book of poetry Traveling down the road



What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m an avid writer.

I’ve been writing and winning awards for poetry, short stories, novellas, and general essays since I was 10.

My new book Traveling Down the Word is a book of poetry about This, That, and the Other. The first two books of poetry 2 dozen Breaths  and Now Creating the Future were designed and created to inspire and motivate people to change the world in some way shape or form. Much like the Daily doses of motivation they are to carry on my vision of creating a wonderful more positive world.

This book is a collection of observational poetry. Poetry about the every day experience and the everyday life. These poems are designed to look at the living experience and cock your head in wonderment. Poems about a woman getting sick by her house and feeling weird that her dog wanted to play with a passer by…but the vomiting was normal. The experience of being a vegetarian and the restraint giving you chicken instead. The odd experience of writing poetry and getting caught up in the fact that the page is blank and there are other things to do. Finally, the normal experiences of life that make you chuckle, smile, and look at in bewilderment.

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, and inspire you to pick up your pen/paper/laptop/ipad and start writing about the things that happen everyday. So many people day they “should write a book” about all the things that happen…they’re right!  They should. Because life is funny, odd, humorous, and the things that happen…you just can’t make up. For example: I showed up to speak to 100 people the other day. When I arrived 100 senior citizens got out of the pool equipped with floaties, noodles, and inner tubes. Walked soggily into the auditorium, took their seat, and proceeded to dry themselves off. The sound of thousands of water  droplets hitting the ground could be heard through out the auditorium. As I looked at this scene ready for an instructor for water safety – the young lady who hired me said: “Well, are you ready to start?” This is a scene you just can’t make up….but it’s real, it’s life…and it’s funny.

Enjoy the book Traveling Down the Word…and get writing. It is our observations that will be read to see how life was really lived in our time. Let us celebrate life!





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