Daily motivating for positive change – change.org

Go to Change.org and sign petitions for the things you believe in for 1 hour

Change.org is a great site that allows you to sign petitions that people have been put up trying to create positive change.  There is a plethora of subjects that are on this site, from people trying to keep their grandmothers house that died from cancer to kids trying to make changes to their city legislation to saving leopard/lions/wolves, etc . You’ll definitely find a cause that you believe it. In 1 hour, you have the ability to affect more positive change than you realize! If it takes you 2 minutes to sign a petition, you could sign 30 petitions in an hour…wow, that’s pretty cool.

Then you can post these petitions to facebook creating even more positive change.

BE the change agent you are!


1 Comment

  1. I drive some people crazy asking them to just sign a petition. One day maybe I will research the impact these internet petitions bring about. So happy to see there are others out there who believe in it.

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