Motivating For Positive Change – kid’s sales

Buy something from a kid’s stand or kid’s sale

Kids are told that they can’t do anything so often…soon they begin to believe it. When they finally are told yes…they are still not completely convinced that they are accepted into this adult world yet. When they are finally allowed to sell something, put up a lemonade stand, etc it’s their first step into making their own money, finding a piece of independence, and usually their first time of actually having money.

When you as the adult actually patronize their place of business, you validate them. You validate the fact that they are doing the right thing. You validate that they are part of this world, and not just an insect in a big animal world. You also validate their ideas, their thoughts, and their belief in themselves. When you buy something, even if it’s just watered down lemonade, you are telling these kids that they are valued, they are amazing, they are doing something great!

Far too long we have told kids that they can’t do anythign tillthey grow up. The post on real heroes shows the ability young people have. It is their earth when they grow up, might as well let them create and  develop their own future. Young people selling things today, are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The young people selling today, are the adult who create a very different world than we know.

When the young 18 year old kids Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were talking about computers they were considered odd and weird…now they are revolutionaries.


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