St. Petersburg pride parade

St. Petersburg, fl pride parade and steet festivale was today. I believe in the pride event because of what it stands for:
1.It doesnt matter who you love or who you are…youre accepted
2.All people should be accepted for the person you are regardless of race or sexual orientation.
3. Gay rights are human rights. All humans-gay,straight,man,woman,any race – should be treated with respect and equality.

I joined a friend of mine who was volunteering with planned parenthood. Turns out she was in the pride parade. Suddenly, chad herman of Motivating For Positive Change was out motivaing for positive change.again! I was pick up the banner and be part of.the parade.

Suddenly I was the motivator of the bring all equality and human respect to all people. These pictures are an example of how it went.






In the pouring rain we celebrated happiness, equality, and nonviolence. I hope you will celebtate those same things!


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