Daily Motivating For Positive Change – elevator

Hold the elevator door for someone

Holding the elevator door is just common sense for many people. When you don’t hold it, it’s also one of the rudest and most knowingly  rude thing you can do. When someone sees you running to get a elevator, and they wantingly let it close…they usually watch you try to get it. HOW RUDE!

Treat others as humans. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone is trying to catch elevators and taxis. Whether it’s a metaphor or it’s a reality…it’s the same and it’s real. Why not help people achieve those things. Helping one person at an elevator has the ability to create a ripple affect larger than a person’s lifetime.

The amazing Zig Ziggler tells a story of a man who held an elevator for him…because of that, Zig decided to look into why people are nice and it was one of the catalyst of him becoming a motivational speaker. Imagine the ripple affect that man created in Zig…a man who has reinvented the idea of motivating people in our world.

BTW – You have the ability.


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