July 4th – changing the world

Whenever the 4th of july comes around it gets me thinking about change.

There was a small room above a bar in Philadelphia.

A group of people were complaining about the  problems of the world.

They were complaining about the things that were happening in their world and in their community. They were upset no one was doing anything to stop it. They felt helpless and angry.  These people got together a lot there in that room above the pub, trying to figure out a way to fix the problems of the world. The world is full of people like this. The internet and blogs dedicated to the problems of the world are so numerous you can’t get through a google search without finding at least one of them.

The difference between them and the other numerous complainers and pub-phylosophers was that they did something. They stopped complaining and created a plan. The created a way and a direction for how these problems of the world needed to be solved. This group even decided that human beings should be treated in specific ways…and they were going to make sure every person had those rights, as well as the ability to use them. That night they decided they wpould do something…they set wheels in motion that would change the world.

First, they talked to everyone. Then they wrote about it. Then they put it all over the lines of communication. They made sure that everyone heard about their causes and their solutions. They made sure that their message was spread far and wide. Then they begin enacting their ideas of change. The went the government route. They went the legal routye. They went the letter writing route. They waited for responses. Then when they were told that this is just “the way it is”, they acted. They went around the law to do what was right.

Because what is right is right, even if everyone isn’t doing it, and what is wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.

They made the enemies to their cause know and understand that this was not a game – they were fed up and they weren’t going to take it anymore. Finally, after many acts and letters – they drew the line in the sand in a document known as The Declaration of In dependence.  These determined people are our founding fathers and mothers who decided men and women should be treated equally and with care. They believed that ever person deserved the ability to pursue happiness in any way they saw fit. People should be able to live, travel, and do whatever they choose as long as they were not violent.

On July 4th we celebrate the signing of this document.

I would ask that you read it…not because it started our country but because of what this document truly is. It is a letter to the group of people who do not believe in their cause. It is a letter not written by politicians, royalty, or world leader but by a group of people who wanted to be treated equally and as people. At the writing of this letter, these people were not presidents, treasurers, or anything that they would one day become; on the contrary, they were men and women with jobs, families, a pub, and a belief that what they were doing was right. A belief that they were helping all people and humankind. A belief that they were changing all things to make the future a better place. A belief that they were working to change the world.

Let July 4th be remembered as the day when a group of common everyday folk, created something extraordinary. We now call their creation our country. We now call their ideas that they mused about in that room above the pub, our rights and the makings of our constitution.

Let us always remember that we have the ability to change the world…adn the country we live in is a reminder that people have!


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