Daily motivating for positive change – no food

Spend 1 day without food

I say 1 day, but you could also do 2.

Why?  Is the normal question I get when I suggest this.

To most of us, food is obvious and always there. To most of the world, food is something that is a commodity. A commodity that is bartered, begged, and worked for. In fact, many people are simply workign to get something to eat for their family.

1 in 5 or 16 million kids are suffering from hunger.

When we thing that parents will give their children food before them, we know that there are at least that many children…32 million people hungry or without food daily!  WOW!

Fasting is normal in many religions and faiths, it’s a cleanse and a time for meditation.

I add it here because it is a time to think about those who can not eat. Those who wish they had enough to eat. Finally, to be thankful for having the food you do have.

When you tell people what you are doing…you become an example. First we change the world by changing ourselves, then by changing other, then by changing the world!


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