Daily motivating for positive change – no gas

Stop using gas…if you can

Gas…is the #1 creator of carbon. We, the world, has to be below 350 parts per million in the atmosphere. Right now, we are at 400 parts per million. This number is going up, and we have not had this much carbon in our atmosphere since the time of the dinosaurs. We are heading down a very bad road!

Gas is created from oil!  (In the last month over 300 million gallons of oil has been spilled because of the demand of oil.). Gas is the number 1 use of oil, besides plastic. If we stopped using gas, we would have the ability to end the oil problem.

If just you stopped using gas…you would eliminate all the gas(oil) you produce…aprox ..25 gallons. If 1 person copied you and 1 person copied them up to 4 people, you would eliminate 1 gallon of gas.  WOW…that’s pretty good in 1 month.

The more people we get to do this…the more eliminate the oil and carbon production. Enough people doing this…creates world wide positive change!  We have the ability to reverse global warming and climate change…this si just the thing to do it!




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