Get Out Of Your Mind with Google Earth

Wow…lets thank Chad Vice for doing this.
This is a wonderful perspective we all need. That simple idea that our problems aren’t really that big of a deal. We are merely here, doing what we do…while there is an infinite more things that are going on than our own little bubble. I call it getting out of your bubble.

I have done spoken about changing the world and becoming happier for years. The first step is to realize you are caught up in your own life. You truly think that all of your problems, stress, etc is just so bad…it is insurmountable. This creates stress, anger, frustration, etc. When you step back and really think about it…you will see that you have it better than you realize. That you insignificant little problem isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, life is a lot better than you realize…a whole lot better!!!!

Some Chad Vice

I made this short video to illustrate a way to bring our lives into perspective and in turn, bring out that calm we all need to stay balanced. Please do enjoy.

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