10 ways to increase happiness in the world

Happiness is that elusive gold ring hanging in front of all of us, just waiting to be grasped. Most of the time we can’t grab it, or life gets in the way. Even when life doesn’t get in the way, happiness gets derailed, moved aside, or relocated so that happiness is no longer even an option.  Sometimes we don’t even wake up with happiness in our head…we just have to rush and rush and rush till it seems that happiness is something that we just have to work on.  Suddenly, you realize you’re in a spot where happiness has been your reality for a very long time.

We can’t allow that to happen to you, me, or anyone. We must start adding and increasing happiness in our world. The cool part of that is the more we strive to add happiness into our world, the more happiness will cvome into it. See, happiness has a habit of following people who spread happiness. NOTE: This is not the fake it till you make it theory.  No! This is the create happiness theory. So how do we go about creating happiness in our world:

1. Accentuate the positive

Everything can be seen as positive. Positivity depends on your perception.

When I was 5 I saw a man with gangrenous left leg. He looked at me and asked what I was looking at. After a few minutes we begin talking and he said he noticed me walking around and having a good time. He wished he could do that. Then he told me all the things he enjoyed doing even though he couldn’t walk. He looked at all the things he COULD do rather than all the things that were bad about his plight.  He enjoyed playing cards, and the chair had it’s benefits too. He listed a very long list of benefits of wheel chairs, including getting to the top of the line at theme parks. In fact he hadn’t waited for than 7 minutes to ride any rollercoaster and he was always in the front.

Everything that happens to us, it just happens.  What we do with it happening is our role in life…that is our life situation. Everything comes down to choices. We can choose to see things as destructive and harming us, or we can see it as building us up. Everything, I mean everything, has the ability to do both. A breakup is an opportunity for personal growth. A murder is the souls way of saying I’m done now. A defunct business is the beginning of a family business. There are so many ways of seeing things on the brighter side…you just have to open your eyes.

2. Random acts of kindness

A random act of kindness is defined as an act of kindness that someone wasn’t expecting. I’m notorious for this. I’m constantly doing things people aren’t expecting me or anyone else to do. Whenever anyone says Thank you to me for doing these acts, I always respond: Isn’t this how we’re supposed to be? Because…yes we are.

When we see, experience, or perform a random act of kindness it is amazing to all! The fact that someone would do that…changes the person to think they can do that. When you are the recipient, you want to help others experience this. Some people turn it into their life’s pursuit…in fact the people who run the random acts of kindness website did just that. When you perform it, the feeling is indescribable!  It’s elation, joy, and a sense that you are doing the right thing.

3. Put happiness on your social media

Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram, etc, etc can be used to gossip, talk, and keep up on friends. Unfortunelty, it also becomes a place for negative news, bad news, and venting and ranting. The more of this negative, the less happy you are. So make your posts…happy. The posts you put out are the posts that will be seen and will uplift others. But, what about the stuff that comes in?

Go life and friend positive people and groups. Suddenly everything that comes into your feed will be positive and happy…and you will be too!

4. post it notes of happiness

This works, I promise!!!

Get a pack of post it notes. Carry it in your pocket or purse. Every time you think of a happy thought…any happy thought, write it on the post it note and put it on something that you are around. Put them on places people look at all the time…bathroom mirrors, behind the dorr of a stall, in front of a urinal, on a white wall, on a door, etc, etc. That post it note might be the one thing that will make them happy…and you created it.

5. Send random happiness notes

Come up with some happy things to say. Now write that piece of happiness into a note. Put that note into an envelope. Now, go give these happy notes to people. You are an agent of change, and a person who can make this world a better place…one note at a time.

6. happiness on a balloons

What does it look like when heaven delivers you a message…why like a message on a balloon floating down on you. 🙂 Get a bunch of biodegradable balloons and tie a happy message on it. Make these mesasages be really cool like….Hope you’re having a happy day” Happiness is around us all the time, we just need to be reminded of this.

7. happiness messages in the bottle 

Glass bottles and happy messages. Write a message and get a bunch of bottles. Either put the same message or different ones into the bottle. Think of ideas that can be embraced and smiled with. Ideas like “you a re beautiful” etc.

8. Chalk happiness

It’s summer and there is chalk everywhere. There is chalk in the dollar stores, target, flea markets. Get some chalk and start putting chalk message3s all over the place. It’s not graffiti because it washes off. Chalk can be seen, it has cool colors and everyone loves it. Ask others to help you chalk and you have started a” chalk happiness” movement.

9. Blog Happiness

If you have a blog….you can blog. Try to add happiness into your blog. If you post once a day, put out a blog once a week that is about happiness, finding happiness, or simply loving life. Happiness can be put into so many ways….just write about it. Write about happy things. Write a happy story. Reblog a happy story. Write something happy!

10. Smile….i wish I could expound on this better than Ron but I can’t,  So please go to the following address on smiling!!!


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