Same love

When you listen to this song remember it’s about more than same gender marriage. Yes, the topic of same gender marriage is currentlyba hot button topic right now. As it should be. This topic truly comes down to judging someone for who they love. Really? There are so many people out there looking for love, looking for a mate, looking for someone to understand them. So many who fall asleep alone saying a prayer that maybe the next day will show them a person who will keep them company. If someone has found that special person, regardless of gender, that love should be celebrated. Love should be celebrated….period!

But that’s not all this song is saying…which is why I post it here. The song Same Love is about aceptance and understanding (the opposite of violence). The ability we all have and the thing we all want…acceptance. To be accepted as the person we were born as. Accepted for all of oud r idiosncyracies, our weird ways, and our natural beauty. To be understood…to know someone in this world other than your parents “gets you”. Understands why you do what you do and smiles that you do it.

This song is about not judging someone because of a man created line called a border,state line,country lines, or religeous belief. Looking at another person and seeing them as your fellow earthling, your fellow human, your friend who lives on the same planet and under the same sky.

More thinking like this song and songs such as:
Wonderful world
Black and White

We can create a world united by brotherhoid and.sisterhood far above what has ever been seen or felt. We have the ability to.create.a world like this. The 1st step us to see everyone you know and meet like this. The 2nd step is to influence and educate your immediete cmmunity and neighbirhood. Together we will help all people see everyone as a friend and all will feel accepted and valued!

How are you going to start doing this?


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