Love the rain

Where I live now it rains a lot. for the first five years of my life I didn’t know what rain was. All I was living in California and it was going through a drought. now, I live in Florida where is it rains every single day.

Because I Drive and fly a lot, because of all the speaking I do all over, I see a lot of rain. I see clouds rain, cloud bursting with rain, and the Florida normal rain which is roving sheets of rain. I’m actually been at a stoplight and watched the rain move across the intersection.

Whenever I see these sections of mine county and state engulfed in rain it makes me think of our only human existence. where there are people porn addictive on one side, and people who are positive on the other. I strive very hard to get these two groups of people together so that they can work together and make the world a better place. That’s what I do!

But when I look at one side of the town raining and the other side not I realized that there’s always hope, happiness, joy, and excitement when at the same time there’s anger, sadness, and violence. so when I’m driving towards rain I always see it as an opportunity to be happy that there are other places that wish for rain, and I am getting the opportunity to be in it.

In our life we often see moments as rainy days, why not see them is days they can only get better. however if you like rainy days and its sunny , that’s because it’s time make others happy. now beach toys in the fact that at any moment there are other people happy because of what is happening, even if you arent.

What do you do on rainy days? rainy days bring happiness to you?


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