The kindness of others

“The kindness of others always amazes me, and make me want to do kind things for others.” 

This was a comment I heard very recently. There was a younger man that was missing one leg and the other leg was horribly swollen. he was Crossing hey very busy street by using his very calloused very tired very sore hands. you spell halfway across the street when the light changed and his backpack fell off of his wheelchair. At that moment a young man  ran into the street dodging cars as he ran. You pick up the gentleman’s backpack and asked if he could push the man across the street. The man was adamant that he was able to push himself and nobody would push him. With that, the young man stop traffic. the man in the wheelchair he wheeled himself to the other side of the street. when he was safely across, young man ran over the man in wheelchair. The young man said, “thank you for letting me help you.” The man in the wheelchair looked at him oddly and asked what he wanted in return. The young man simply said…im just glad youre ok. With that the young man walked off.

That was when i heard the comment.


Our society and culture is tired of the me me me me attitude that is so pervasive in our world right now. People act and say things that put out a message that says: it’s all about what I can get for me and my own,
I’m just trying to get what I deserve, I’m owed a certain amount of money and power,
you have to look out for number one
Money is power money is life

This viewpoint that things are more important than people, and you are more important than everybody else create a culture and society where nobody help anybody and we all drowned in the quagmire of selfishness. on a deep level everyone is tired of this way of doing things.

So why don’t we change it?

Because for the most part this is all me know. this is what we have been taught by parents, teachers, supervisors, mentors, the news, sports bars, especially movie stars, definitely rock stars, TV, movies, producers, and our friends. when is the point is all around you all the time other viewpoints she nodded and weird. you hold a lot of value in our belief of what normal is.

See we create normal as what we see and are taught by our parents as well as what we see all the time. The mere idea that something is odd or weird points out how connected we are to the sameness of our world, and what we consider normality.


Therefore, we act out all the same ideas that perpetuate selfishness and a lack of kindness in our life. But we can choose to change this!

Take the original quote. What if we live our entire lives in such a way that we illicitied that response in everything that we do? what if those acts of kindness, in those acts that warm your heart that people do became something that we normally saw? Each act would inspire, motivate and perpetuate futurre acts.

This would create a ripple effect that could be felt for generations up on generations of generations.

By the way, I was the young man.


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