Students clean up school


“I don’t want to be part if this class. I already know everything about save the earth.”

This is the 1st comment at I heard when I walked into the middleschool YMCA. The two things that always amaze be about the 11-13 age:
1.They will make a snap.judgrment and that will be there opinion.
2. Their unbelivable ability to do amazing things!

#2 is not something most people this age.knows or.believes. You can say it all you want to them, but it will only.sink in when they do SOMETHING signifigant.

This group of studsnts began less than interested and were educated. We talked about the inevitable realities if.things do not change. We talked about people not doing enough and they will be the voice to.change the.way.things are. Then we picked specific sollutions to help the world and the problems of the earth.

One thing they wanted to focus on was recycling. This coming from the same group that has styrofoam siting on the top.of.their garbage can every time I come in. I.was.elated…yes that IS something theY NEED to do.

So we decided to start.with their own campus. We split up, one group takes front lot, and the other group takes the back lot. I really wanted show them the trash and recyclables that are.around ALL THE TIME!

This was the result if 30 min if work:



These amazing young men and women saved this many recyclables….remember, the landfills dont seperate recyclables….from the landfill.

I sincerely thanked them for.doing something to help the world. As I looked over the bags.I.thought of the large amount of oil based products we throw away everyday, and now how much would be turned into simething new.

As i walked student told they were going to get their parents to start recycling. When I asked who be part of a green club 80% said yes.

I left and deposited all of the recyclables into the nearest center.



When I was done I looked at the recyclables and felt great about the future of our world. Then I thought of my #2 from.above-these kids.of 11-13 are amazing. If we keep giving these kids an education of how we can change…the.future.will be radically different and radically better.


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