10 Happy Habits to adopt

We are responsible for our own happiness. So often we put the power of our own happiness into other people’s hands. When they say something to us we take it to heart and create a whole list of emotions and view of our self because of this comment, no matter how insignificant the person themselves thought the comment was. We’ve all been there: You tell a person how much something they said made you feel, and they say “wow, I don’t even remember saying that. It was just a comment that came to mind.” We always find out they weren’t intending to make us feel that way. When they give us advice, though we might have asked for it, we create emotions and self talk created from that advice. Then we recreate a whole view point of what that advice must have meant. Then we decide happiness is connected to things. Oh things…oh things…..how much we love you oh things. We state that we will be happy when we own ______________(enter thing that you “believe” will make you happy) Btw – Anything you put in that space…won’t make you happy. Then we do the ultimate sacrifice to our own happiness, we give people full and complete control of our emotions and happiness.  We ask people to tell us the things we want to hear, do the things we want them to do, and help make our lives into the life that we have dreamed of having since we were young.

Happiness is created within us, and we have to take control of our OWN happiness. Happiness comes from altering your habits and your way of thinking.

Here are 10 habits to adopt to take control of your happiness, and becoming more happy!

If you do 2 or more per day, you will take control of your happiness and you will stop relying on others and things to make you happy.

1. Go get into nature – The mere act of immersing yourself into the natural world increases endorphins, increases your natural energy (the plants and animals have a habit of doing that for you), and takes you away from all of your worries.

2. Meditate – Do you want to be more calm, peaceful, and happy? Meditation reduces tension & stress, builds self confidence, enhances energy, reduces anxiety, and so much more.

3. Listen to music that makes you happy – We all have a group of songs that make us happy. It doesn’t matter what the songs are, as long as they make us happy. Music is a conduit to emotions, they are directly connected because of its rhythm and beat mimics the rhythms and beats of our own body. When your “happy” music comes on, it is a full body experience.

4. Read or Watch Something FunnyLaughter triggers healthy physical changes in the body like strengthening your immune system, diminishing pain, and boosting your energy. Reading something funny will actually cause you to create images and situations and visualizations of happiness in your brain. Be careful watching violence for happiness though…it can be counter productive

5. Smile – From the multiple studies and Buddhist monk traditions, we know that smiling itself can increase multiple chemicals in our body to create happiness and love. In addition to that, when we smile we are telling our brain that it is time to be happy. Simply smiling was a complex lesson that the Buddha himself taught for many decades. Smiling has been shown to decrease feelings of threat, anger, and stress in violent people.

6. Pet an Animal – Many research studies show that pets provide meaningful social support for owners. They found consistent evidence that pet owners exhibited greater self-esteem, were less lonely, and were less fearful than non owners. Even if you don’t have your own animal, petting someone else’s animal can help ease your stress. The act of “owning” an animal creates a sense of belonging, connection, and a source of happiness.

7. Surround yourself with happy people – We are who we hang out. Or, as the old saying goes: You can soar with the eagles when you’re hanging out with turkeys. Happy people have thoughts, ideas, and actions that are different from those who are not. The more positive happy people around you, the more their energy, outlook, and natural happiness will “rub off”.

8. Practice random Acts of Kindness – Pay for the person’s coffee behind you, give someone a compliment, lend someone your umbrella, smile at a stranger, give a thank you card, or any of the things I suggest on Daily Motivating For Positive Change….The possibilities are endless. Two recent studies suggest that giving to others makes us happy – even happier than spending on ourselves!

9. Talk to a Friend – Happier people tend to have supportive relationships with their family and friends. Professor Toni Antonucci says “Relationships help people feel that they’re worthy, that they are capable, that they can set goals and accomplish them, and that they can control their life.”

10. Focus on your own happiness – The Tao Te Ching states that “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” The simple explanation to this is that Happiness is Happiness. “If you want something done, ask a busy person because they’ll figure out a way to do it.” If you want to be happy…focus on happiness. As a happy person to fix unhappiness and they will have 1000 ideas. As an unhappy person to fix happiness and they’ll respond with negativity or state wrongly that “It’s impossible.” I’ve heard these answers many times. But the truth is….Happiness and positivity is always possible.

Do you do any of these things right now? Are there any more that you know of?  Let me know in the comments.



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