25 things to be happy about

1. You are alive!

No matter what this is an amazing thing. There’s actualy a 1 in 50 million chance that you are born on the day, minute, and hour you were born on – BUT YOU DID IT!!

2. You are part of a family

There are orphans and foster homes chalk full of people who would LOVE to be able to say that!

3. Red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange, blue and yellow make green, red and white make pink

Celebrate that two unlike things like colors can make something different

4. You can see the colors of #3

30% of all men, and 7% of all women are color blind. If you see color…Hooray!

5. In 2012, there were over 200,000 new websites created specifically to help people.

These websites were grant, charity, and humanitarian associated sites. These were just travel sites or something, but way to actually help your fellow man.

6. 1 million people signed a petition to end the destruction of the earth by fracking.

Fracking is a process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. This destroys the natural building blocks of the earth…it is 100 times worse than just basic drilling!

7. This is a website dedicated to petitions and helping the world become a better place through petitioning.

This website is called change.org. It lists thousands and possibly millions of petitions, and the only rule is that the petition has to help out the world, people, or to do good in general. Check it out.

8. According to a study done by Google, there are more positive website than negative.

In fact, it is a ratio of 3 to 1.ratio.  The porn sites were listed in negative…imagine how much positive there really is on the net.

9. There are buildings all over the world that change their lighting for specific causes.

To name a very few, there is a building in Singapore that changes the colors for specific holidays and national movements such as cancer awareness. There is a building in Tampa that changes their lights to celebrate girls scouts day.

10. You have hands!!!

You have the ability to pick things up un inhibited. Hands and the opposing thumb makes us the superior animals we are.

11. You have legs!

Woop Woop! You have legs to be able to jump, walk, run, crawl, hop, etc, etc. This is an amazing ability…ask anyone who can’t use theirs to find how awesome they really are.

12. You don’t have a disease that is killing you.

 I currently live with or know over 10 people that are dying very swiftly from a disease. As I watch them deteriorate and the doctor visits increase and the hospital visitsd increase. When these things increase, you know they’re dying and you know things are going bad. How wonderful it is for this not to be happening to you!

13. People dress up as superheroes to clean windows of children’s hospitals.

How cool is that.

14. The company “Together we Can change the world” was created by a12 year old.

The theme song: Together we can change the world was also written by a 12 year old. What is her name…look it up. J

15. Humans have created a space ship that has left our solar system.

Voyager 1 is now past what was called Pluto. Let’s see what voyager see…

16. The human race quest for knowledge has pushed the human race farther than war and violence.

There was a recent miniseries on the History channel that depicted the human achievements through war, when in fact anthropologist have found it is the quest for knowledge that has pushed the human race not war.


Mahatma Gandhi was a man who decided to become a better, peaceful, happy, positive person and has gone down in history as an amazingly good person. He single handedly inspired the Indian people to nonviolently take their liberty from England. Plus the amazing advice and quote: Be the change you want to be. As just an example of his great quotes.

18. All religions are based on love, nonviolence, and happiness.

No matter what religious book…every single one of them has happiness, nonviolence, and love as the basis of their viewpoint.  The translation and interpretations obscure this idea, but this si the basis of all religions.

19. We almost have a full cure for AIDS

In 1985…AIDS officially arrived as a horrible disease. Now in 2013…it is almost cured!!!  YAY!

20. There are hundreds of thousands of people working to cure every disease!

21. There are millions of trees that are selfishly producing all of the oxygen we need.

22. All of your organs are doing great!

23. SEX is wonderful and as an adult it is great to be part of it with another person.

24. F.E.E.D is in Target.

A company devoted to feeding the hungry.

25. You have the ability to change the world!!!!  

Yes you do!


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