Wounded hero


I saw this sticker on a car and realized I have never heard about this charity. Evidently it is to pay the bills of service men and women who were injured in the line of service. Then I got to thinking, we pay for bridges that go to islands that have less than a hundred people in Alaska, that must have costed at least a million dollars. he paid for projects that are funded by the government there are scrapped that cost over a million dollars easily and we can pay for the men and women who put their life on the line for freedom?

These people volunteered their time, life, body, and vital fluids to make sure that we Americans can keep doing the things that we do. now, I’m not a pro war or proviolence person, in fact Im against killing, destructionband.violence. But I am pro-human and pro volunteer and pro-keep me having the ability to.change the.world.

If we cant help the people who are fighting for us, who are giving us their lives, who are helping this country to BE…that seema to be a problem. No we dont need another war thing that costs billions…but we do need to help those who were injured in the line of duty. I think its ridiculous that they have to.ask.and beg for money so that they are healed…that should be a natural right of being a volunteer!

Please share this widely.

What do you think?


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