No farmers no food


Saw this and it made me laugh. isn’t this pretty obvious, kind of goes without saying. So I asked a group of teens where food comes from. their answers were the grocery store, the supermarket, my mom, my dad, whatever people give me. when I clarified the question and ask we’re does the grocery stores get their food they said that somebody brings it to them. when I asked you that somebody was you, they said it was people who had the food. I asked them where are vegetables come from and they said vegetable people. then I asked if these vegetable people need help? They asked why they would.

I explained the normal plight of our amwrican farmer they stood in disbelief. I told of low profit margins, no rain, the government on your land because you can’t pay the rent with the amount of crops your land produces, oh and hiring illegal aliens because Americans won’t work cheap enough to make a profit, the hard work, the pollution, and the disrespect. The students were aghast. they couldn’t believe it. They wanted to help our farmers

We must educate all.people of the realities of.our world, because if we dont we will hurt ourselves badly. This lack created and allowed monosanto and the destruction of bees, habitats, and ecosystems.

How can we help the farmers…have any ideas


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