Meal became poison : Killing 22 little kids in India

We should be thankful our children are safe at school. Thankful that our kids do not have to endure things such as this. How happy we should be there are children are safe when they go to school there safe when they come home. the sad we should be that little children are being killed by the government. but not just by the government, by the neglect of the government. just because this is a different country does not mean it doesn’t matter. All people deserve happiness and health.


Two days before here in Kumbakonam (neighbouring town) people paid homage to 90 kids, who were in their primary education by then were burnt to death in their classroom as the thatched roof caught fire on 16 July 2004. Not even a day passed, then this incident shocked everyone in India. 


A day after deaths due to contaminated midday meal at a government primary school in Saran district, about 50 children of another government school were taken ill on Wednesday after they were served food under the scheme in Madhubani district of the state.

The food was served to students of Navtolia Middle School, Bisfi, about 22 km from here. The students alleged that the meal had a dead lizard in it.

Around 50 students complained of stomach ache and began vomiting after eating the midday meal.

While 16 children, aged below 10 years and studying in Class I to V, had died in…

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