Beware the trendy trap




There is a lot of trendy art that is being sold to everyone. The current trend is peace signs. Peace sign necklace, peace sign t shirts, peace sign headband, peace sign pants- there is peace sign everything all over the place. In fact, I watched a man in peace sign attire beat up another man. That wasn’t very peaceful.

About a decade ago, a guy decided to spell out the word coexist in all the symbols of the various different religions and genders. He created stickers, bumper stickers, magnets, and art. These stickers caught on and became trendy and now they Grace bumpers all over the world. Are the people who own them truly understanding what they mean? I wonder, because I’ve seen them next to very very negative bumper stickers like I have a boat and a wife, looking to sell wife or if you don’t speak English, do you speak 357? he’s other stickers do not work with the coexist sticker.

These stickers and signs are not just trends, fads, or cool stuff to put on your car or wear on your person. These are never revolutionary statements to create mass social change. These exist to change our world into a positive happy humane place to live.

Beware of just following the trend. think about what these signs and stickers really say, and as Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world


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