Hearts and smiles

A while back I was inspired by a follower to look for hearts and smikes. As she put it: “there are hearts and smiling faces everywhere, you just have to look for it. ” She posts pictures of heart rocks and smileys in trees. Its like gos/the universe wants us to be happy. It wants us to smile Nd love. In fact, did you know we have.the “heart” symbol from a seed. The ancients took this.symbol as a symbol of love. We have.adopted this symbol and named it after the main pump of our life. That means we have decided love is as importantbas blood to our life. Wow. Thats pretty important!

Now I have always looked for happy faces and noticed.them, but never actually capturong.them. So the other day.whilebwalking through a.large everything store I.came across a smiley face:



My daughter then felt you needed a visual reference. 🙂 What is this? A toothbrush and toothpasre holder. But with a small turn, it becmes a great big smiling face reminding us to smile and be happy. this little piece was only $4, but it gave me a moment to smile, to be happy, just really enjoy being there. Whitney smiles all the sudden arrive in your life it is not just happenstance, it is a message from the universe or God to tell you: smile, its better than you realize.

That night I was eating banana chips. My family were gathered around me doing their own thing. one daughter was coloring, one dauther was drawing, the son was playing with toys on the ground, and my wife was sitting next to me reading. Me? I was on the computer working on inspiring and motivating people to enjoy their lives and also help others. Suddenly the banana chips bag fell and one single solitary chip fell out:



I looked dow with a sigh. I was enjoying those banana chips and I didn’t want to see them on the ground. when I look down I saw a heart looking back up at me. the symbol of love. at that moment I took the message that was being given to me and look around the table. I was surrounded by love and I didn’t even realize it. this one chip, this one message, remind me that there is love all around us all the time.

I leave you with the messages that were given to me: smile and be happy more then you’re not. remember that love surrounds us all the time.

Look for more random happy face.posts and heart posts…send me.or comment on yours.

Have.you seen any?


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