Peace stuff?

A young man came up to me today as I was teaching a class about peace. He said,”If this peace stuff is.suppose to be all that, why hasnt it worked yet? Why isnt the world peaceful? Why arent all people geting along? Doesnt that mean its a.failure?”


Number one, the fact that this student asked this shows what we are displaying and showing our children. The news, the TV shows, the movies, magazines, newspapers, and the popular novels are all showing future generations that violence is the way and the onl y way. Kids, tweens, teens, etc fon’t see nonviolence working. They don’t see peace. the only peace that most of our future generations sees is a trendy sticker or cool necklace with the peace sign on it.

Future generations do not see adults acting in a peaceful way. in fact, they see adults acting in horrible ways. Look at the examples he show are young people on a daily basis- domestic violence, boxing, ufc(i understand its a sport…but not if you see it as fighting), war, terrorism, fight terrorism which war, screaming, yelling, gang violence, revenge, jealousy, ownership, kidnapping, if you do this all do this, street fights, riots, and constantly yelling at them. The younger generation is a mirror of what we teach them. They learn to act like adults by watching us. hey man how the world is supposed to be by watching us. if it seems like the world is getting worse, it’s because each generation take it a little further.

Of course this student came in asked me this question. This is a really good question for the student. this student go home and watches his brother protect their house, their stuff, and their family name. this student watches his mom get beat daily. this student watch violence in his neighborhood every day. this student is encouraged to play violent video games by his brother, his parents to buy it for him, and his friends.
This student watches violence in cartoons, violence in TV shows, violence that is coupled with humor, violence in movies(all the very popular are violent), and violence in neespapers and books.

Then I walkin that violence is wrong  violence is wrong and that there is another way. this is a thought that is completely foreign to most of the people I speak with. This idea I was completely crazy when I first heard it at 14. however, when I heard it and I saw examples that people were not all violent, it changed my entire life.

We have to start showing our students that peace is possible. We have to start join them examples of people who are doing amazing things to help others. We have to start showing them examples of nonviolence. Wehave to start showing the younger generation that the world can be a better place.



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