The wonderful puddle world


How they were a source of amusement and amazement . I didn’t know what rain really was until I was 5 years old. At the time, California was going through a severe drought. There were rules about flushing your toilet, watering your lawn, and people came into our school to teach us about the value of water.

Suddenly it rained.

The world became puddle wonderful. The first day I just stared at the water coming from the sky. As the days turned into years, rain in puddles became very very important. Rainy days became days of fun, enjoyment, and happiness. When rainy days arrive I got out of school and found every puddle I could find. I splashed, I splooged, i swoorthed, i splooshed, i splished, and i zwoomed. The more wet the better. When I finally arrived home, a warm shower, a warm towel, and hot chocolate waited for me. Everyother day was hi, do homework, or im busy…but rainy days were special.

When I missed the downpour because of being in the house of being in school, I always had the puddles. My street was on a hill so all the water started around where my house was and raced to the end of the hill. No, it wasn’t like San Francisco steep, it was just a slow gradual decline. We were poor, the neighborhood was violent, & I wanted to escape my house. So I walked outside to the puddles. A leaf was my boat and the hill made my current. So I put 2 or 3 leaves into the current and watched them go. They went this way and that and I loved it. I made up stories for the voyage, and sometimes, they sank.

Then one miraculously day I walked up to a puddle. I looked at it. I looked into it.


And there it was….

Right before me, and it had been there all my 7 years…


It’s the puddle world. Its that world you see inside of a puddle. You look into the puddle and you see a different world. A world that is serene, happy, peaceful, and it makes you smile. That’s exactly what happened to me: I looked into the puddle and beamed. I stared into that puddle and realized there was a different way to be, a different way this world could be, a more peaceful world. A serene, happy, jovial world at peace with the water from the sky, at peace with everything and everyone….tranquility.

Sine then its been 31 years and I still find myself on the edge of puddles looking deep into them to the other world. that had once inspired me. A world where I saw peace. A world that existed only in puddles. A world that was brought to me by the washing and cleaning of the rain. Then when I look up, I see the world does have the ability to become like the puddle world. We have the ability to create such a world. We can create a world that is.serene, peaceful, and nonviolent….

…….If you believe we.can.


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