What will your footprint look like

I was walking down the beach the other day looking at the waves and the sand. As I walked I began thinking about our planet, the ocean, and the many ways Ive helped the sea and the earth. Ive “conected the dots” of.climate change with 350.org, I made a video with David Deremus and 350.org, Ive organized multiple beach clean ups (in fact a.few.years.back I cleaned up.this very beach at this very spot), I was part of the surfrider foundation since I was 12, I saved sea lions and seals and dolphins and turtles by buildng habitats and cleaning up the water, i protested oil, i protested fossil fuels, i asked people to sign petitions and congresional bills, and told everyone.about how to save the earth. Ive done a lot..it seemed. Then I watched a person walk by with a black eye.

Wow…ive done a lot about that too! Ive talked and educated about domestic violence prevention, violence prevention, equality, acceptance, and love. Ive motivated people to make postersd, sent out postcards, Talked talks, and lived the completely nonviolent life. I looked down and saw my foot.print.


I looked behind me and saw my footprints behind me. Wow…these footprints have definetly made a mark. They have made a mark on the earth and the world. Then I looked at all of the other footprints and pondered: what footprints have they left?


What is your carbon footprint? How much do you help the planet in everything you do? How much do.you recycle?

What does your world footprint look like? How much have  you tried to help others? How much have you worked to make the world better?

This is our footprint. What kind of footprint have you left…

Shouldnt we pay attention to our footprint…what do you think?


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