Do you ever looked up


This is a question I’d like to ask the entire population of the world most the time.

We constantly walk this earth . But do you ever look up? Do you raise your eyes to look at the canopy of trees that are all around us? Those seem billion trees that selflessly provide oxygen to every living creature on this planet. Do you ever look up and see if they’re green branches reaching out to cover the rain from us? Whatever look up and see that these trees are always,lets say that again, ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS, helping us. Trees ask nothing but to help us, help the planet, and just BE! Do we ever lift our heads up to aknowledge this simple fact?

Do we ever lift our head up and really look at the world. Do we really see the person that passes on the street, in the car, or in the shop? Do we ever lift our head up and actually see the world going by? See the little boy who only wants to say hi, the older woman who has outlived her family sitting there on the porch, the man who is taking a break from mowing the lawn, the teen with earbuds on desperatly wanting to be noticed, or the grass coming up out of the sidewalk. Do you ever take a moment and watch a.dragonfly flit from here or.there rather than watching it on tv or youtube. Do you ever look up and see the beauty of the sun set, sunrise? The magnificent colors, feelings, and all the birds sitting on wires watching it all happen.


Do you ever look up and look at the sky…not through an ipad or a camera or a phone..but really look? Do you ever lift your head up and see the stars and stand in awe that what your looking infinity? There is no end, and its a debate whether there.was a beginning. The fact that all is in balance, and all things are hally,.and invisible energy connects it all just like it connects to us.

Its pretty neat to look up every once in a while to really pay attention to the world-its a lot neater and more magnificent than you can possibly imagine.

Do yo u ever look up?


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