Don’t let the world turn into bacon

Don't destroy the world.

Don’t destroy the world.

This  post is not about Bacon!

When people ask me: What is it that you do?

I answer: I’m a motivational speaker and visionary.

They then ask…what do you do with that?

My answer is always: I motivate and inspire people to change the world.

Their answer is always: Cool. So how do I help.

My answer – It’s simple. If we all picked just one cause, it doesn’t matter what the cause is. If we all picked one cause and then spent some time focusing on that one cause. if every person in our billion people did this, just spent 1 hour of their day helping/volunteering/donating/educating about your cause…we could truly change the world.

They always…always…say: You’re right, that could change the world.

So, hypothetically…let’s say pigs were endangered, or you simply didn’t want people to hurt pigs.

If we, the world, or you, 1 person, did nothing the above picture would be our reality. Pigs would be made into bacon and made into bacon until there was no pigs left.

#1 This is REALLY what is happening to our pigs. they are being treated horribly!

Pigs are put into pens that they can'ty sit or lay down in, or they can only lay down in. They are used for food and making more food...they are not treated as living breathing animals!

Pigs are put into pens that they can’t sit or lay down in, or they can only lay down in. They are used for food and making more food…they are not treated as living breathing animals!

This treatment is happening to all animals that we use for food: Beef, chickens, lamb, and even buffalo.

#2 There are endangered and almost extinct animals that are being hunted down relentlessly. Rhinos, elephants, and hippos are just a small example of this. We are killing and hunting animals to oblivion!

#3 Our planet!!!  WE ARE DOING THIS TO OUR PLANET!!!!We are chopping it up (fracking), destroying it (pollution, carbon footprint, etc., etc), and then vomiting all over it (lack of recycling, overflowing landfills, waste water, oil spills, etc)

#4 Our own human brothers and sisters. It’s all about who grabs and gets the money first, and if you don’t well you’re the one that loses. When people loose, they die and we create poverty and hunger. There are multiple billionaires and middle class people who are routinely eating and throwing more food away than a lot of people see in a week. If you open your refrigerator and there’s food in there…you’re better off than 33% of the population of the richest country in the world!  These people didn’t create this problem nor did they ask for it to be this way…it just is, and they were born into it. We have sentenced many people to a life of hunger and poverty so that the very rich can live in opulence.

What if nobody did anything about these problems. We turn everything into sliced up bits of flesh and remnants of a once thriving sphere we call Planet Earth. This picture is exactly what would happen if none helped the problems of the world.

Choose a cause…and do something! Don’t let our world turn into strips of what once was a life.


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