We’re always telling kids NO


I saw this sign and it amazed me. Look at the size of the No. This size of this word is amazing. The amount of things that are listed is amazing. If I was a person looking at this I would think: wow, what can I do?

No doubt, this is exactly what goes through kids heads when they see signs like this.

I was watching TV the other day, a practice I try to avoid because of the negativity and nonsense that is produced these days or ever for that matter. On the TV subject, there is some awesome stuff being created, produced, and developed but it’s usually not for general consumption. Source: I was watching TV this commercial came on where the parent was saying No to the child for everything he asked for.

It got me thinking, and it is a major tenant of motivating for positive change. No wonder kids are sober bilious against so much by the time they get to be a teenager. They’re told know about everything no matter what it is. Oftentimes, they’re told no because they’re too young or too old or they don’t know enough or they’re just a kid. Is it that we don’t want them to do it, don’t think they can do it, or you just want don’t want to deal with it? Most of the time it’s the latter. How sad is that?

By the time a child is old enough to be able to do whatever they want they have already created a list of things that they want to do because they’ve never been allowed to do it. Adults usually only see the negative and bad things, that’s because those are the only things that have survived the constant negative responses. It’s scientifically proven that a negative response will last longer than a positive response. So when kids grow up, their list is created and fueled by negativity therefore the only thing that will be produced his more negativity, this is why we see so much negativity as soon as kids are aloud their freedom.

However, when kids are allowed their freedom as they are growing up they don’t create the list. Kids are told no so much for that they don’t realize that yes is even an option. When I ask adults why can’t I told no so often, you don’t say that it’s because they know better. They also say that because the kids have crazy ideas that will never work. The adults say that these kids are living in a dream world.

On the contrary, when kids are allowed to do the positive things that they want to do they become revolutionary ideas that shape amazing positive things. Do a Google search of kids doing amazing things and you will find kids if created ideas, adults that have agreed that there are ideas could work, and world changing actions that have been done.

Previously, I wrote an article or blog about the whole group of kids doing amazing things and that was only a small sample of what is actually happening. Here’s the real story that I actually watched:

My kids asked if they could have a yard sale. We didn’t have anything to sell so I said no. They pleaded with me to have a yard sale. I said yes and told them good luck. They went outside and begin paintin positive messages on rocks. They painted peace signs, happy faces, and words like love, smile, and kindness. I was proud dad because they came up with an idea where there was nothing, but I didn’t like the fact that they were putting all this effort for purely selfish reasons. I was thinking like an adult.

After about 6 hours of sitting in the hot Florida Sun and selling homemade rocks they decided to pack it in. They brought the table and the two unsold rocks into the house and they were dripping with sweat. They walked up to me and my wife and presented us with two of the rocks, they said love  they said love and peace. Explain that this was a gift for what we have talked them. Then they gave us there $60 that they made  selling painted rocks. Let me say that again $60. I asked why they wanted us to have it. They explained that the whole point of having a yard sale was so they could donate money to All Childrens Hospital, a  local hospital that helps kids with cancer, burns, and very horrible diseases.

Kids will amaze you with their positivity, sincerity, and love. Kids will amaze you at how big their hearts really are. Kids will touch your heart because of how sincerely good they are. Remember, the kids will only reflect what they’re taught. When I asked why they wanted to give their money away.they explained:

Mom Dad…you taught us that its the right thing to do.


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